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The utilisation of professional day trading tools is essential for successful day trading. This day trading mentoring uses four key tools: the market profile, volume profile, candlestick chart, and order flow charts. Understanding and effectively using these tools can provide valuable insights into the markets and help identify relevant price areas and big player activity. The mentoring program combines these tools into a comprehensive trading approach, consisting of three phases: a day trading video course, a trading room, and one-on-one trading coaching.

Market Profile

Day Trading Tools: Identifying Key Price Levels


The market profile is a powerful tool that puts time in relation to price, helping traders identify high-interest areas and key price levels. It is created in real-time and provides a visual representation of the time the market has spent at various price levels during a trading session. By analysing the market profile, traders can determine important support and resistance levels, gauge market sentiment, and identify areas of price acceptance and rejection. The market profile is a fundamental part of the taught trading approach in the mentoring program.

Volume Profile: Understanding Session Volume


Similar to the market profile, the volume profile and its parameters are created in real-time and complements the market profile by putting volume in relation to price. It helps traders identify high-interest areas and areas where the market has traded the most volume during a session. By analysing the volume profile, traders can gain insights into the liquidity and activity at different price levels. This information is valuable for identifying significant price levels and understanding the dynamics of supply and demand in the market.

Volume Profile
Candle Stick Chart

Candlestick Chart: Analysing Price Action


The candlestick chart is a widely used order flow trading tool for analysing price action in the markets. It provides valuable information about the market conditions of an asset within a given time period and helps indentifying key market makers in the charts. By studying candlestick patterns, formations and understanding their underlying logics, traders can gain insights into market sentiment, trend reversals, and potential price movements. Combining the candlestick chart with the volume profile enhances the analysis, as it provides additional context and confirmation of relevant price levels.

Order Flow Charts: Examining Big Player Activity


Order flow charts provide a detailed perspective on price levels by examining the individual orders and transactions that occur within each candle. These charts offer insights into  market maker activity and help traders identify significant price areas where substantial buying or selling pressure is present. By analysing order flow, traders can make informed decisions based on the actions of institutional traders and market makers. This day trading mentoring program emphasises the importance of order flow charts and their role in understanding market dynamics.

Footprint Chart
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