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Gain an Edge

Learn to have a competitive advantage to the masses with professional order flow trading strategies. Understand the techniques financial institutions are applying and use it to your benefit.


High Profits

Acquire professional skills, 

develop a focused  mindset and build a trading plan fitting your individual personality to ultimately become a consistently profitable day trader.


Freedom and Independence

Experience absolute freedom and independence with regard to time, location and finances. Enjoy a new flexibility and value the opportunity to enrich not only your own life but also the life of others.



3 Phases. Clearly Structured.

Based on a 5-star rated workbook, well structured Discord server and 1:1 coaching sessions.


Phase 1

  • Read the workbook and internalise its principles

  • Receive a theoretical fundament

  • Get familiar with tools, strategies and setups

  • Solve workbook exercises

  • Set up your trading platform

  • Do test-trading and collect first experiences

  • Make notes and prepare questions

Suggested Study Time: 1 Month

Take it serious. It represents the fundament for all future discussions.


Phase 2

  • Join the Discord server

  • Study sample analyses and live trades

  • Be proactive and ask questions

  • Share your trades and receive a feedback

  • Make use of 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Collect screen time and internalise trading principles

  • Improve your trading in collaboration

⏱ Suggested Study Time: 3 Months

Consider your trading process as a collaboration. Be proactive, ask questions and you will receive the same motivation in return to bring you forward.


Phase 3

  • Goes hand in hand with phase 2

  • Be self-reflective and review your trades

  • Gain confidence and develop the right mindset

  • Start developing your own trading approach

  • Master psychological hurdles

  • Become an independent and successful day trader

⏱ Suggested Study Time: 3 Months


Become more independent. Do your reviews and reflect on your trading.

* Consider the suggested study time as a guideline. It depends on how much study time is available and every individual is learning at a different pace. Take your time and find a learning pace that you feel comfortable with.



Understanding price action as well as the impact of order flow is essential in reading the markets. It represents the fundament to identify big market participants and making reasonable trade decisions.

  •  Identify big player levels  in various time frames

  • Analyse areas of high and low interest with the market profile

  • Identify relevant areas and price levels through the volume profile

  • Determine the market's context

  • Interpret significant volume in the order flow chart

  • Interpret absorption in the order flow chart

  • Interpret candle stick formations

  • Receive an holistic view of the markets to make profound trading decisions



Clear Entry Levels

Successful day trading requires clear entry levels to gain a potentially high profit while maintaining a comparably low risk resulting in an attractive chance / risk ratio.



















Clear Stop Levels

Precise stop levels are key in successful day trading to keep losses small while maintaining a low, pre-defined risk and attractive chance / risk ratio.





Day Trading Loss Trade


*There are additional sample trades available on our social media profile; see  Instagram  and Reddit.


 - Abraham Lincoln -


All I have learned, I learned from books.



Reading a workbook requires active participation while making its content easier to memorise. The 12 chapters theory are communicated interactively enhanced by 100+ exercises. It represents the theoretical fundament for all practical discussions in the later Discord server. 

Volume Profile.jpg
Market Profile.jpg
Bid x Ask Order Flow.jpg
Learn Day Trading
  • 12 chapter workbook covering all essential topics to become a professional day trader

  • Learn to understand the futures markets and their price action course

  • Receive a comprehensive inside to professional trading tools and learn how to use them

  • Analyse the futures markets with the eye of a professional trader

  • Utilise the various tools and identify big players in the markets in order to develop a competitive advantage

  • Get familiar with profitable setups and learn how to manage a trade

  • Receive professional order flow trading strategies and understand price action

  • Combine the acquired knowledge in an individualised trading plan to generate consistently positive trading results

  • 100+ exercises included plus an answer book to check your knowledge and internalise the acquired workbook content


In order to receive valuable client feedback and ensure quality content, UC Trading conducts surveys with the students on a regular basis. The workbook received a five star rating among all submitted surveys.



Discord offers great opportunities to structure its channels and organise it with regards to the various topics relevant for day trading. Content can easily be distributed among the server members via text channels, direct chats or voice channel providing an advanced and interactive learning environment

  • Individual Support

  • 50+ Sample & Live Trades

  • 50+ Sample Analyses

  • Trade Reviews

  • Supplementary Workbook Content

  • Optional 1:1 Sessions

  • Optional Webinars

  • Additional Sierra Chart Templates


*1) Discord can be downloaded for free.

*2) There are 1:1 sessions included in the mentoring. Additional sessions can be booked on demand.

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Discord 1.png
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Individualised private sessions illustrate a great way to improve your trading almost immediately. Sometimes things appear more obvious when explained in a different way or visualised on a screen. 1-on-1 sessions illustrate a dynamic and effective way to identify your areas of improvement and find solutions in an interactive exchange.

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1_1 Mentoring.JPG
Skype Call.JPG
  • Individual 1:1 Support

  • Clarify all your remaining Questions

  • Receive direct Feedback

  • Effective Learning

  • Improve your Learning Curve

  • Align on your Process and Goals

Skype Logo.jpg

*1) Sessions are conducted via Teamviewer and Skype. Both programs can be downloaded for free.

*2) Sessions are included in the mentoring, additional sessions can be booked separately.



Sierra Chart is a professional trading software supporting connectivity to various exchanges and can be used for simulated trading as well as live trading. The platform supports the illustration of in-depth market data to enable working with tools such as the market profile, volume profile and order flow charts in real-time.  

Total Volume Chart.png
Delta Chart.png
Bid Ask Chart.png
Candle Stick Chart.png
Figure 16.png
Market Profile.png
  • Full Set included

    • Candle Stick Chart

    • Volume Profile

    • Bid x Ask Chart

    • Delta Chart

    • Volume Chart

    • Market Profile

    • Order Book

  • Plug and Play

  • Free 10 minutes delayed data feed

  • Service Package 5 required

*Any other trading platform than Sierra Chart can be used for the course. Requirements are the illustration of the volume profile, order flow and market profile. The Sierra Chart Template can also be bought separately.


Professional Order Flow Trading Platforms

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Consistent profitability does not implement being profitable every day - a performance chart fluctuates. However, considering a long-term perspective the performance should illustrate an upward trend and a positive profit factor.

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PnL 2.jpg
PnL 3.jpg
PnL 4.jpg
PnL 5.jpg
PnL 6.jpg


Positive testimonials and student feedback represents a confirmation of solid mentoring. Constructive feedback is always welcome and illustrates a way of shaping your learning environment.

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Individualised & Personal for Best Results.


In this mentoring you will learn how to analyse the markets from a holistic point of view – read the big picture and identify relevant levels. You will get familiar with professional tools such as the candle stick chart, volume profile, market profile as well as the use of order flow charts.

All traders are different and so are their trading styles. Also, the markets are changing constantly and, therefore, a trader’s adaptability is crucial. In this mentoring we do not apply a fixed system, instead, we will develop a trading style tailored to your personality.

The workbook represents the fundament in this process and is supplemented by the Discord server. Discord serves as a platform to discuss questions, provide individual support and exchange on the respective topic. It provides various trade examples, market analyses and trade reviews referring to the respective workbook chapter combining theory and practice closely. Since continuous support is important in the learning process, there is life-time Discord access for you.


In order to provide best possible support there are 2 hours individual coaching included in the mentoring. A constructive exchange right in front of your screens helps you even clarifying the last questions and improves your learning curve significantly.


All required tools are enclosed in the Sierra Chart template collection providing a fully functional platform setup.

Day trading can be one of the most fulfilling jobs providing a high degree of freedom and independency, however, nothing at this level comes for free. That is not only meant with regards to the mentoring tuition fee but especially with regards to the work and commitment you are expected to demonstrate. Keep in mind success only comes to those who work for it. This mentoring is designed to support best possible guidance in the learning journey but please be also reminded the actual responsibility is always on the learner's side.

Mentoring Workbook

12 Chapters

100+ Exercises

Incl. Answer Book


Life-Time Discord Support

50+ Sample Trades

50+ Sample Analyses

Trade Reviews

Additional Resources

Individual Trading Support


Sierra Chart Templates

Order Book

Market Profile

3x Order Flow Chart

Candle Stick Chart incl. Volume Profile


2 hours 1:1 Coaching

Effective Learning

Individualised to your Needs

Clarify all remaining Questions

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

 - Benjamin Franklin -




What do I need for the order flow trading course?

Beside a strong will and positive mindset a trading platform with market profile, volume profile and order flow is required like Sierra Chart or ATAS.


How do I get access to the Discord Server?

Discord can be downloaded for free on their website. The workbook's last chapter provides the Discord server link and manual how to enter the server.


I do not have sufficient trading capital - can I still start with day trading?

Yes, there are several capital providers available providing successful traders the required capital. Leeloo, OneUp Trader and Earn2Trade are popular ones offering different account options. 


Can I book additional 1:1 sessions?

There are two hours of 1:1 coaching included in the mentoring. Additional coaching sessions can be booked from within the Discord server.

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