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Day Trading Video Course

The first phase of the mentoring is built on a 10 chapters day trading video course which is accessed through the internal member area. It creates a clear understanding of how the financial markets work and how to navigate in the charts. It illustrates the fundament for all future procedures.

In order to assist a comfortable start, a full set of Sierra Chart templates and detailed instructions how to setup up and work with the platform is provided.

Students learn to work with professional oder flow trading tools such as the market profile, candlestick chart, volume profile and order flow charts. They are able to read the markets, identify key chart patterns and understand the underlying logic behind. Students get familiar with the role of big players in the markets and know how to identify them while using that knowledge to their benefit.

Each video chapter is supplemented by exercises as well as further resources to enhance the learning curve and better internalise the taught principles. Additionally, the video course finalises with a live comment webinar to bring all taught principles into a live environment and deliver a holistic video coaching experience.

👨‍🎓 Skill Level: Intermediate

⏱ Suggested Study Time: 1 Month

SierraChart Trading Platform

"Alex is an excellent teacher and has synthesized a trading approach which is the most comprehensive and logical I have seen. His work has opened my eyes and has shown a way towards the essence of trading instead of my previous gut-instinct and surface-level scalp approach."

(Student Feedback)

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