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  • What makes you different as a coach?
    While most other coaches cannot look back on a career with a financial institution at a leading banking location, I gained substantial experience in the financial markets through positions in the area of private banking. Among other assets, futures were an optional part of the portfolio allocation giving clients the opportunity to participate in the derivative market through the bank's active trading desk. Being in touch with the financial markets all day, I acquired a profound understanding of how big institutions trade the global markets. An extensive futures trading mentoring during that time taught key elements of the trading business preparing for the world at a trading desk. Having received an intense mentoring myself on a level most people do not have access to, my goal is to deliver that knowledge to interested and motivated people. In the meanwhile, I am trading independently for 5+ years with a summarised experience in the financial markets of 15+ years.
  • Which markets do you trade?
    This mentoring focuses on the futures markets and while there are markets with different characteristics depending on the trader's personality and preferences, there are four markets on my personal watchlist - the S&P500 (ES), gold (GC), crude oil (CL) and the EUR/USD (6E) currency pair. It covers an index future, commodity futures as well as a currency future. All are high liquidity markets illustrating a smooth market flow and adequate use of order flow and volume tools.
  • What makes this coaching different?
    Most coaches offer videos courses and little to no subsequent support. This mentoring is not only a day trading video course but a close collaboration with your mentor. The learning journey follows an interactive approach through webinars, group exercises and individual feedback videos in the Discord trading room as well as one-on-one trading coaching sessions. I am always your contact person ensuring professional feedback and a smooth learning curve at any time. Since day trading is a relatively isolated job from a social perspective, I started this mentoring not for money reasons but for the passion about day trading and, simultaneously, being in touch with motivated and like-minded people.
  • Is any foreknowledge required when entering the mentoring?
    There is no foreknowledge required - in most cases it even illustrates the better basis since most available content in the internet is simply wrong. Learning an approach that institutional traders apply differs from the regular retail investor courses.
  • Will I receive support throughout my learning journey?
    One unique selling point of this futures trading course is the individual support and close collaboration with your mentor throughout the learning journey. Open questions will be answered comprehensively and as as soon as possible in the Discord trading room. Discord provides great opportunities to share content and exchange on relevant topics. Trade reviews, group exercises and feedback videos as well as 1:1 private sessions are available any time ensuring the best possible learning experience for you.
  • Will I sit in front my screens the entire day?
    In the very beginning the more experience you can collect the better it is - apply and internalise the taught principles. Later, once the own approach has been developed trading hours can be reduced significantly focusing on one trading session - e.g. US morning session only. Being in front of the screens all day can then even be considered counter productive and it is highly recommended to also spend time with other things away from trading to mentally keep a healthy balance.
  • What equipment do I need for the mentoring?
    A trading platform that supports illustrating order flow trading tools such as the market profile, volume profile and footprint charts is required. Further, traders need a data feed to receive real-time data from the exchanges. The mentoring is based on Sierra Chart - recommended is service package 11 with Denali as an integrated data feed. Alternatively, ATAS, NinjaTrader or a similar trading platform is fine to use as well. Moreover, two 26'' or 28'' screens are recommended to have a good overview. The absolute minimum, however, should be at least one larger screen.
  • I do not have sufficient trading capital - can I still start with day trading?
    Yes, there are several capital providers available providing successful traders the required capital. Leeloo and OneUp Trader are popular ones offering different account options at fair conditions.
  • How can I access the video course?
    After you purchased the mentoring you will receive an email with a link where you can sign up in the UC Trading member area. Your request will be accepted within 24 hours.
  • How can I access the Discord trading room?
    Discord can be downloaded for free on their website. The video course's last chapter provides the Discord trading room link and instructions how to enter the server.
  • How many 1:1 private coaching sessions are included in the mentoring?
    There are two hours private coaching included in the mentoring.
  • Can I book additional private coaching sessions?
    There are two hours of 1:1 coaching included in the mentoring. Additional one-on-one trading coaching sessions with can be booked from within the Discord trading room any time.
  • I still have questions. Can I speak to you directly?
    I am always happy to be in touch with like-minded people. Feel free to contact me via the contact form for any questions you might have or let me know if your prefer a call and we discuss remaining questions via Skype.
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