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The second phase of the day trading mentoring program provides an immersive experience through the Discord trading room. This phase focuses on answering questions, reinforcing trading principles, and helping students develop a personalised trading approach that aligns with their individual personality. Explore the details of the Discord trading room, learn about practical examples, advanced video learning materials, webinars, and interactive exercises available to students.

Discord Trading Room
Mobile Trading Room

The Discord Trading Room


The second phase of the mentoring program centers around the interactive Discord trading room. This platform serves as a hub for students to refine their trading skills, gain practical experience, and cultivate a trading approach that suits their unique style. Let's delve into the key features and benefits of our Discord trading room.

1. Practical Examples: Sample Analyses and Live Trades


Within the trading room, students have access to over 50 sample analyses and 50+ sample and live trades. These real-life examples provide practical insights into various trading scenarios, allowing students to witness the application of trading principles in action. By studying these examples, you can develop a better understanding of taught trading strategies.

2. Advanced Video Learning Material and Webinars


The Discord trading room offers an extensive collection of advanced video learning material. This material is designed to supplement the day trading video course, providing students with in-depth knowledge and additional resources. Moreover, you can watch over 35 webinars, including the highly informative "How to Develop Your Own Trading Approach" series recorded in a live environment. These webinars serve as a comprehensive guide, offering detailed insights and guidance in a live environment.

3. Group Exercises and Comprehensive Video Feedback


To enhance the learning experience, you can participate in group exercises within the Discord trading room. These exercises are aimed at reinforcing the acquired trading knowledge and further internalising the principles taught. Additionally, students receive comprehensive video feedback on their work, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their trading performance and areas for improvement.

4. Interactive Learning Environment


The content within the Discord trading room is shaped through an interactive exchange with the students. This platform encourages students to share trades, propose webinar ideas, suggest group exercise topics, and provide constructive feedback. This collaborative environment fosters a dynamic and supportive community of traders, allowing for a richer learning experience.

5. Development of a Sound Understanding and Profitable Periods


Throughout this phase, students develop a solid understanding of the markets and the underlying forces that drive them. They refine their trading skills and begin formulating their first trading approach. With guidance from your mentor and access to practical examples, students start registering profitable periods, putting their newfound knowledge into practice.

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Group Exercises
Interactive Learning Environment
Profitable Periods
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Excel in Trading with the Discord Trading Room


The Discord trading room is a vital component of the comprehensive mentoring program. Through practical examples, advanced video learning materials, interactive exercises, and a collaborative learning environment, you can refine your trading skills and develop a trading approach that suits your personality. This phase empowers students to gain a sound understanding of the markets while experiencing profitable trading periods.


Are you ready to take your trading skills to the next level? Join our Discord trading room today and unlock the potential for trading success.

👨‍🎓 Skill Level: Advanced

Suggested Study Time: 3 Months

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"I have already bought and worked through many coachings and online trainings on the topic of trading. None of them has been as well developed as Alexander's. The support I receive from him in Discord is also of the highest quality."

(Student Feedback)

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