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The second phase of the mentoring is built on the Discord trading room. It aims on clarifying questions, internalising the taught trading principles and moving towards developing a trading approach that fits the students individual personality.

The trading room provides 50+ sample analyses and 50+ sample & live trades to get practical examples. Additionally, students get access to advanced video learning material wrapped in 35+ webinars. Among supplementary content to the video course, the 8 hours webinar series "How to Develop Your Own Trading Approach" represents a detailed guide in a live environment and key part of the webinars. 

Students can participate in group exercises to further internalise the acquired trading knowledge and receive comprehensive video feedback on their work. 

The trading room content is shaped through exchange with the students providing the opportunity to share trades, webinar ideas, group exercise topics or a constructive feedback to form the learning environment.

In this phase, students develop a sound understanding of the markets, their underlying forces and have elaborated a first trading approach while registering first profitable periods. 

👨‍🎓 Skill Level: Advanced

Suggested Study Time: 3 Months

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"I have already bought and worked through many coachings and online trainings on the topic of trading. None of them has been as well developed as Alexander's. The support I receive from him in Discord is also of the highest quality."

(Student Feedback)

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