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The third phase of the mentoring is based on self-reflection and personal development in the trading area as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses supported by private coaching sessions. 


In combination with the student's independent development, current challenges are punctually discussed in the trading room focusing on a problem / solution targeted collaborationStudents have developed an individual trading approach at this level and register first profitable periods.

One-on-one trading coaching helps to find potential hidden hurdles and provide clarity on all remaining topics while guiding the path.

While mastering the final challenges, students have internalised comprehensive knowledge of the markets work, their underlying forces and logics behind. A profound understanding and importance of the trader's individual mental component has been developed and implemented in the student's trading approach in close collaboration with your day trading mentor.


The process of continuous self-reflection and trade reviews is not only mandatory during the initial mentoring phases but continues throughout a trader's live and is an ongoing process every professional trader is following.

👨‍🎓 Skill Level: Professional

⏱ Suggested Study Time: 3 Months + ongoing

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"Highly recommended trading course. I have considered myself an experienced trader, but Alexander opened an entirely new world of trading knowledge and tools. It brought my trading to a completely new level."

(Student Feedback)

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