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The third phase of our day trading mentoring program focuses on self-reflection, personal development, and refining trading skills. Receive invaluable guidance and support through private coaching sessions and targeted collaboration in the trading room. By the end of this phase, students will have developed an individual trading approach and are on their way to become consistency profitable.



One-on-One Trading Coaching


In the third phase of our mentoring program, self-reflection, personal development, and targeted coaching is prioritised. This phase aims to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses while offering personalised guidance to overcome challenges in close collaboration with your day trading mentor. Let's delve into the key components that make this phase an essential part of our comprehensive mentoring program.

1. Self-Reflection and Personal Development


In this phase, students are encouraged to engage in self-reflection and personal development. By analysing their trading journey and evaluating their performance, students can gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses. This process of self-reflection enables them to identify areas for improvement and focus on personal growth as traders.

2. Targeted Collaboration with your Day Trading Mentor


Within the trading room, a targeted collaboration with your mentor is facilitated. Current challenges are discussed, and the focus is on problem-solving and solution-oriented collaboration. By sharing experiences and knowledge, students can learn from one another and gain new perspectives on trading strategies and techniques. This collaborative environment fosters an exchange where students can overcome obstacles and refine their trading skills.

3. Individual Trading Approach and Profitability


By this stage, students have developed their individual trading approach. You have gained a comprehensive understanding of how the markets work, including the underlying forces and logics behind them. Stratgies, playbooks and setups have been internalised. Through the mentoring program and the application of their knowledge, students have experienced consistent profitable trading periods and are able to work independently. This serves as validation of their progress and provides motivation for further growth.

4. One-on-One Trading Coaching


To provide personalised guidance, one-on-one trading coaching sessions are conducted. These sessions help you to identify potential hidden hurdles and gain clarity on any remaining topics. Your mentor guides you through the process, offering expert insights and support. This individualised attention ensures that students receive tailored guidance to overcome challenges and continue their development as traders.

5. Continuous Self-Reflection and Trade Reviews


Self-reflection and trade reviews are not only crucial during the initial mentoring phases but also throughout a trader's journey. Continuous self-assessment and evaluation of trades are essential for professional traders. By maintaining this ongoing process, traders learn adapting to changing market conditions, refine their strategies, and continuously improve their performance.

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One on One Coaching
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Embrace Growth and Achieve Trading Success


The third phase of our mentoring program is a pivotal stage in the journey towards trading success. Through self-reflection, personal development, targeted collaboration, and one-on-one coaching, students refine their trading skills and overcome final challenges. They develop an individual trading approach and experience first consistent periods. By embracing continuous self-reflection and trade reviews, traders can sustain their growth and navigate the dynamic world of trading with confidence.


Are you ready to embark on this transformative phase? Join our mentoring program and take the next step towards achieving trading success.

👨‍🎓 Skill Level: Professional

⏱ Suggested Study Time: 3 Months + ongoing

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"Highly recommended trading course. I have considered myself an experienced trader, but Alexander opened an entirely new world of trading knowledge and tools. It brought my trading to a completely new level."

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