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This article reviews the Sierra Chart software and provides insights to their comprehensive features. Sierra Chart is a professional trading software enabling real-time charting, chart analysis as well as order flow tools and direct trading.

Features of the Sierra Chart Software

  • Full charting and analysis functions

  • Supports order flow tools (footprint chart, volume profile, market profile)

  • Advanced TPO charting

  • Fast platform performance

  • Chart replay function

  • Own data feed (CQG routing)

  • Spreadsheet function with a direct connection to Microsoft Excel

  • Almost unlimited opportunities with regards to programming options

  • Strong price/performance structure

  • Extensive Sierra Chart support board


When it comes to charting and order flow trading, Sierra Chart represents an advanced and complete software solution illustrating charts for all available trading instruments such as stocks, futures, currencies, bonds etc. Chart windows can be organised individually in chartbooks providing great flexibility in their design. Tools such as the candle stick chart, volume profile, TPO chart as well as various types of order flow charts can be arranged with regards to the trader’s personal preferences. Chartbooks can be switched via shortcuts ensuring fast navigation within the platform and between the chosen instruments.

Sierra Chart provides almost limitless opportunities in designing their charts. Pre-defined templates illustrate an easy way to setup a fully functioning trading platform while having clear chart windows that are easy to overview as illustrates in this sample trade.

Popular Sierra Chart templates linked to order flow trading are:

  • Candle Stick Chart + Volume Profile

  • Market Profile / TPO Chart

  • Bid x Ask Order Flow Chart

  • Total Volume Order Flow Chart

  • Delta Chart

  • Heatmap

  • and much more​

Templates provide large flexibility in their underlying settings and can be adjusted to the trader’s individual needs and wants.


​Sierra Chart allows trading from the order book but also from within the charts directly. Providing all major order types, Sierra Chart also enables braked orders making it easier for the trader to manage their orders. Also, amending an order, closing the position and deleting an order can be done quickly and easily at any time with one click or shortcut. ​ Further, specific order templates can be configured individually following a pre-defined making an automated trading strategy possible. ​ All active orders and trades are displayed in an overview list.