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Live Account Providers: UProfit Review

UProfit Review

Mission Statement

UProfit's mission is to provide an impeccable level of customer service combined with an easy set of rules that allows traders to succeed in live market environments and earn a consistent living while trading from the comfort of their own homes.

About UProfit

UProfit is a US based company established in 2017 by Lindsay Duff with the basic idea to help traders keeping clear of the financial pitfalls they have to deal with often crushing their dreams before they even really begin. While starting with a small group of traders internally, UProfit Trader went live in 2019 offering their first products to the public.

The team behind UProfit had been involved in the trading education and funding industry for well over a decade and gained experience by joining other funded account providers themselves before establishing UProfit. From their experience, some of those companies did not only not help their traders to become successful but were even holding them back from become successful. Also, they did not provide any support or guidance in their journey - as a result, the people behind UProfit decided to provide their own platform and do things differently following their statement “We don't win unless our traders do, so we put our heart and soul into making sure that they see, feel and know it each step of the way!”

UProfit put large effort in providing first class customer service and achieved the highest rating in the industry. Also, they relaxed the commonly strict rules and gave traders more flexibility while allowing them to apply their individual trading approach and increasing the chances of becoming successful with them.

Account Types

UProfit offers 4 different mini account types ranging from $25k to $100k account plus one micro account.

Qualification Process

UProfit Trader requires 10 active trading days minimum in the qualification period. Traders must close their trades within the actual trading day and are not allowed to keep them over night, however, traders are allowed to keep trades during major economic news.