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Our goal is to offer the least cumbersome, inexpensive, one step evaluation process to assess and offer a performance-paid opportunity for traders.


Leeloo is a US based company established in 2017 by Jody Dahl an adept trader and accomplished entrepreneur. Jody Dahl acts as the company’s CEO, however, her siblings Jacque and Brett are part of the operational team as well making it a real family business.

For three generations and nearly 100 years their family has gained recognition both nationally and internationally for their many endeavours and achievements. Originally, futures served the main purpose to protect farmers and commodity producers in their business activities, and not surprisingly, the family developed skill in hedging their assets.

Leeloo Trading went live in 2019 and represents one of the most recent providers entering the segment of funded trading accounts. Since Leeloo trading is still relatively new, they operate their business with a comparably small team. Nevertheless, not only the three siblings but also the entire Leeloo team considers themselves a family embodying traditional values that are especially refreshing a world of Wall Street mentality.

Jody Dahl founded Leeloo with the clear intention to create a pathway to both unlock a trader’s full potential and offer absolute opportunity. This intention is strongly visible the available trading accounts and rules where Leeloo limits the trading restrictions to a minimum while allowing trading during news as well as holding trades over night. In addition, they are the first live account provider offering a static drawdown which is unique among the available trading account providers.


Leeloo offers 8 different account types ranging from $25k to $300k account size.


Leeloo Trading offers a wide selection of trading accounts to start their evaluation. Next to their regular account types, they also offer special accounts like the "Express" and "Glide" account.

All account types requires a minimum of 10 trading days in the qualification process. They may be consecutive or non-consecutive, but it must be 10 active trading days in total. Leeloo allows products from the major exchanges CME, NYMEX, COMEX and CBOT. They also allow trading during news and holding a position over night. A level 1 data feed is included in the account price, however, level 2 data need to be booked separately for an additional $12 per exchange or $35 including all above mentioned exchanges to have order flow data available as well.

The maximum position size, profit target and trailing drawdown depends on the chosen account, simultaneously, Leeloo has no daily or weekly loss limit in place. The drawdown is calculated with regards to unrealised profits and in real-time. Alternatively, Leeloo's "Glide" account comes with a static drawdown taking out the regular trailing drawdown.

Further, Leeloo offers the promo "Express" account where traders have a maximum of 14 calendar days to reach their profit target. Traders receive a full refund of the initial $77 when successfully passing that evaluation challenge. Should the trader not have met the profit target within the given time period and also not have violated the evaluation rules, another evaluation account with the same size or larger can be booked at a 25% discount. All profits that have been generated in the "Express" evaluation process are credited to the new account.

Also, Leeloo has a protection mechanism in place where orders that exceed the total allowed position size are simply rejected instead of closing the account immediately. In order to ensure a successful evaluation process, a trade must have developed profitable trading strategy. The UC Trading futures day trading course provides all relevant elements as well as individual assistance to pass the Leeloo evaluation phase and received a funded trading account.

All account types except the "Express" account are eligible for a $85 reset should a trader violate one of the rules.


Once the qualification targets have been met, the trader receives a contract to sign and can either choose to get the funded account with the same account size as the earlier evaluation (The Investor) or, alternatively, start with a $100k account and static drawdown beginning with 2 lots by default (The Accelerator) which increases in-line with the profits respectively the account balance.

The account parameters remain the same concerning the position size and drawdown. "The Investor" account continues to be calculated with regards to unrealised profits, however, that drawdown stops and will not move further up as soon as the trader reaches a threshold of the initial account balance +$100. A trader with the "Aspire" for example would need a profit of $1,600 until the drawdown permanently stops at a balance of $25