Individualised private sessions illustrate a great way to improve your trading almost immediately. Sometimes things appear more obvious when explained in a different way or visualised on a screen. 1-on-1 sessions illustrate a dynamic and effective way to identify your areas of improvement and find solutions in an interactive exchange.

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  • Individual 1:1 Support

  • Clarify all your Questions

  • Receive direct Feedback

  • Challenge your Weaknesses

  • Effective Learning

  • Improve your Learning Curve

  • Align on your Process and Goals

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*1) 1:1 sessions are conducted via Teamviewer and Skype. Both programs can be downloaded for free.

*2) 1:1 sessions are optional with the silver package / 2 hours are included in the gold package.

The are several video courses and books about day trading in general or futures trading with order flow in particular. However, a video course or book can only be a fundament for the personal development as a trader. In order to figure out weaknesses, clarify specific questions and improving the learning curve significantly a mentor is essential.


You can actually benefit from the support of a mentor at any point in time – as a beginner but also as an advanced trader. It always illustrates a advantage having someone on the side who leads and challenges at the same time, who sets the direction and shapes the mindset.

The below article illustrates the advantages of a mentor and why you should consider taking one in order to bring your trading to the next level.

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1. Saves You Time, Energy and Work

Finding a working trading strategy, setups and way of analysing the markets can take a long time and in the worst case also costs a lot of money – time and money that could have been saved when considering an experienced mentor right from the beginning.

A trading mentor is worth gold here. Having the experience in the field of day trading, a mentor can provide tips and advice while avoiding pitfalls.He / she supports you in overcoming hurdles more efficiently and effectively, as your mentor already covered this path and can look back and share a wealth of experience. The mentee benefits enormously from those experiences.


2. Experienced Guide

Sometimes, we are inundated by the masses of information and number of available day trading courses. What is relevant for us and what is not? It is almost impossible to find the way through this jungle of information without a professional guide. A day trading mentor helps to find a trading style and to elaborate a trading plan that fits the student’s individual personality.

As a result, the learning curve of a mentee is steeper because he / she can use their mentor's experience. It makes a big difference whether you need five or just two years for the next step in your trading progress. An experienced day trading mentor can give hints on the shortcuts and little secrets that will get a mentee to their destination faster.

3. Interested in your Advancement

There are numerous sources of education yourself out there such as books, video courses or webinars just to name a few. However, those sources of knowledge are static and can only illustrate a fundament since they cannot interact with the student and, consequently, cannot exchange on the individual questions and issues a student might have.

A trading mentor illustrates a dynamic source of knowledge adjusting to the students needs while enabling a significantly more intense learning experience and steep learning curve.


Nevertheless, one of the most important aspects of a mentoring is accountability. Whenever a mentee has goals to achieve, their mentor helps them focus and stay on the path. However, it is not the mentor's job to make the mentee work or achieve their goals – it is the student’s responsibility to show motivation, perseverance and the will to achieve the desired goal. The mentor, however, reflects the actions of the mentee and is his resonance space.

4. Individual Support

There is no better way of learning day trading than via individualised support. A mentor’s main concern is to bring you forward and, therefore, it is essential to receive an understanding of the student's current situation and level of trading in order to individually work on the students progress. A trading mentor neutrally listens to setbacks and hurdles and provides something essential in return: the opportunity to reflect on yourself, your current trading and your future trading.


5. Independent Point of View

A day trading mentor can have a look at your current situation from a different angle and helps uncovering the “blind spots”. Those are the crucial things that may play a key role to you. However, often people get into a tunnel view and those things remain invisible to the mentee due to a missing eye opener. Often people are stressed, they have their daily responsibilities and do not have time to reflect properly.



6. Mentors Act as Your Personal Drive

Many of us like to put off unpleasant things like having a view on our weaknesses and mistakes. Often it is precisely these things that are decisive for our future trading progress and success. Why? Because we are afraid to fail.

A day trading mentor can be the engine that gets you moving. When we know we have someone to accompany us, it feels easier to take these steps and identify our individual weaknesses when it comes to trading. When we have someone who gives us assignments until the next one-on-one mentoring session, we have positive pressure to complete them. When we have someone we can contact with questions, challenging hurdles are easier to overcome - and may even be fun.


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Positive testimonials and student feedback represents a confirmation of solid mentoring. Constructive feedback is always welcome and illustrates a way of shaping your learning environment.

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